It is the mission of RRCM to promote the appreciation of chamber music  by presenting world-class artists in concerts and strongly promoting educational programs for the children of our area. Thus the Healdsburg Overture Project was born.

The Healdsburg Overture Project

Music has been shown to improve children’s reading comprehension, compliment math skills, promote critical thinking, help form social skills, improve attention spans, provide a healthy outlet for creative energy, and to help create a supportive social student community while reducing gang influence thus creating stronger communities.

Grade School Violinists

it’s never too young to learn

Healdsburg Overture Project Vision

We are strengthening our community by inspiring the love of music in our children which fosters excellence in our schools and creates a lifelong passion for music.

Healdsburg Overture Project Mission

The mission of the Healdsburg Overture Project is two-fold: to strengthen existing music education programs through additional funding in Healdsburg schools and to bring music education back to the schools where it is nonexistent through in-school, after-school and Summer programs.

Healdsburg Overture Project Goals

The goal of the Healdsburg Overture Project is to invest in the next generation of musicians by bringing world-renowned performing artists and educational programs to children who live within the Healdsburg community. Our hope is that this early introduction to the world of chamber music will make an indelible impact throughout their lives.

Community Call to Action

In order to accomplish this we need to:

  • Put instruments into the hands of students.
  • Create a student orchestra.
  • Compensate the teachers, coaches and mentors.
  • Update and expand our current staff to include a director of development and volunteer coordinator.
  • Introduce a comprehensive and coordinated marketing and informational program that utilizes social and mobile media platforms, promotional activities and music performances.

We are asking for you and the community to support the children and help Strengthen Music in our Schools.

Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts

Junior High Violinists

junior high students practice their craft

On Friday, February 11, 2011 Russian River Chamber Music had the pleasure of presenting the children of the Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts. The children played during the intermission of a truly memorable concert that featured the San Francisco Piano Trio. The children arrived at the concert via limousine and were treated to a Rock Star welcome. Please click on the link below to view the video.

Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts